Teen Drug Addiction


In today’s world teenage drug addiction is steadily increasing ever day and our children are facing obstacles that we would have never dreamed of. Our children’s futures are at risk and at New Life Children’s Home we work with young girls who are struggling with such addictions. We provide a structured environment while working to instill the skills necessary for these girls to stay sober and kick their addictions while they are still at a young age. It’s our job to protect and take action to save our youth. We not only work on your child’s addictions but will also work towards reaching the root of the problem whether it be peer pressure, bullying, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, family problems or other issues that could make a child turn to drugs and alcohol. We are proud to report that we have a 90% recovery rate. If you have a child or know someone in need of our services please contact us and together we will work towards taking the steps necessary for your child’s recovery and regaining her future back.



“My name is Katelynn. I’m sixteen years old. I am a recovered addict. My parents split up when I was a baby and my mom hasn’t been stable since. She is on dope, in and out of relationships, and constantly moves around. I have spent 6 1/2 months in rehab and 2 months in JDC waiting for a bed to open. In 2015 I ran away from my dad’s and started smoking pot and doing pills. I got in a relationship that was no good for me and together we got in a lot of trouble. We both got sent off and then when I got back I got in another relationship. Again it was the same thing. This time I done so many pills that I overdosed. I went into cardiac arrest at 14 because of this. I went into rehab but when I returned home I got back on it again. I was in and out of people’s houses and I didn’t know I had hit rock bottom until I was arrested the last time. I had lost everything including myself and should have been dead after all of that. My mom still isn’t stable but I have gotten help. I still have bad days and good ones but I am making it. Since coming to New Life Children’s Home I’ve grew closer with God and I begun to understand that I have a purpose in life and it is all because of God. Thanks to this place because I wouldn’t have ever got this far in life. I have made a complete 360 in life and I never thought I could change.” God Bless.